Sunday, April 29, 2012

Once Again ... Housekeeping!

Time for the semi-regular blog housekeeping. As usual, I'm moving blogs that haven't been updated in a long time to the "Old Blogs" portion of the Blog Roll, moving some that had been "demoted" back up, and adding a few new blogs. I've decided, at least for the time being, to shorten the cutoff before a blog gets moved to the "Old Blogs" section from 6 months without an update to 4 months without an update or 1 month from the time that the blog disappeared.

So here are the blogs that I've added to my blog roll:

Ellie's Captions (tumblr)
PG Rated TG Captions
Calla's TF Encounters and Captions (only 1 cap so far and nothing in almost two months...)
Suzy X's Adult TG Caps & Fiction
See Emily Play (tumblr)
Kyra's Musings
Kimmy's Coerced TG Caps
Transgender Captions: XY to XX
tehswitcher's Captions

Be sure to let me know if I've missed your blog!


  1. Something new on the way soon I swear! :P Been side-tracked by seeing someone and uni, but I want to use my blog as an outlet again soon.
    :) Calla xxx

  2. Looking forward to it (and take your time). The real world comes first.


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