Tuesday, December 25, 2018


I thought I'd offer a quick status update. New posts here have been sporadic, first for one reason, and then for another. The initial problem that I ran into is a weird issue with the software that I use to create my captions. For some reason, all of a sudden, I'm having problems dragging things on the screen. I've tried lots of ways to fix the problem, including deleting and reinstalling drivers, etc., etc., etc., all with no luck. So if I want to keep creating captions, I need to either move to new software or use a different computer. I may do so, but ... not right now.

Then, as if that wasn't annoying enough, we have the whole Tumbr-apocalypse. Tumblr is where I've found many of the images that I use for captioning (more so recently, but not exclusively). Anyway, the loss (or near-loss) of Tumblr has put me (and lots of others, too, I think) into a sort of funk. I'm going to keep posting some older captions there just to see what happens.

So this blog isn't dead. Nor is my Tumblr. But activity may be limited.

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