Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Follow You, Follow Me

Now that I've posted a handful of captions and have gotten at last a small bit of confidence in how to run a blog, I decided to take the next step and try to actively become a part of the captioning community.

For starters, I'm now following some of the blogs that I've included in my blog list. I guess that I was always a bit nervous about following other blogs; I'm not sure why. Oh, well. I just picked a small group to start with. I'll try to follow many of the rest of the those blogs soon.

Anyway, now to see if anyone will follow my blog or leave comments for any of my captions.


  1. Welcome to the community, sweetie! Keep up the good work! You are welcome to take a look & comment on my site, if you have a mind to.



  2. Thanks, Simone, though I'm not sure that "sweetie" is the appropriate adjective!


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