Monday, October 31, 2011

Anti-Theft System

I wrote this caption a while back but held off posting it. Shortly after writing the caption, I came across several more images from this series, but those images seem to tell a different story (at least the story that comes to my mind when I look at those images). I couldn't decide whether to post this caption or do something different with those images instead. But I kept putting off writing the longer caption that the series required. I finally realized that there was nothing saying that I couldn't do both. Duh. Oddly enough, that realization was actually quite liberating.

So you may see this image again (or if not the image, the model and that outfit...) but as part of a completely different story.

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  1. No, no. There are very strict rules!
    Just kidding, although with the punishments handed out around here, I can't imagine much following of any rules that would exist!


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