Monday, June 25, 2012

Fighting a Virus (update 2) ... and It's Almost Vacation Time

The good news is that I think the virus is gone. Every test that I've run now shows no infection. The odd thing is that my security software seems to still be blocking something. But I think I'm clean enough to start using the computer, at least a bit. I've got a few more extended tests I'm going to run, but hopefully everything will be OK.

So the good news is that I'm going to be able to post another caption later tonight (well, it will go live early in the morning). But after that I'm probably only going to post one (maybe two) more captions before I'm off on vacation (and believe me, it's a much needed vacation). While I'm gone, I will have limited access to the Internet (I will be checking email), but I won't have access to my image folders or have the chance to do any captioning. As it stands, my plans are a bit fluid in terms of how long I'll be gone (ooh, more time at the beach? No! No! Well, OK...). I may be back as early as July 10, but it could be longer.

And hopefully the R&R at the beach and pool (hmm, wine, beer, or margaritas?) will recharge the creative spirit, too.

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