Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Not Happy: Copyright Takedown Notice & Dead Hard Drive

When I woke up this morning and checked my email, I found that I'd received another copyright takedown notice for an image that I used for a caption (Broken Plate) several months ago. It's not worth the effort to fight. Even if the use is non-commercial and may be fair use, it's just not worth it. But it upsets me anyway. I don't see how posting that image, with a caption added, harms the owner of the copyright in the image itself. I'm not taking away sales of the image or reducing its value. I'm not claiming any ownership in the image. All I'm doing -- all that the captioning community is doing -- is having a little innocent (if X-rated) fun.

And on top of that, I found that one of the external hard drives that I use to store images that I might choose to caption is completely and totally dead. I'm hoping that the problem is the power supply such that I can yank the drive itself out and install it in another enclosure, but that's a project for a long weekend that I don't have right now.



  1. Darn Mindy! That is a bummer! I kind if agree with you on the whole copyright thing. I figure if you put a photo on the Internet, you're inviting others to use the photo. Good luck with hard drive.



  2. I don't recall the image attached to said caption, but I don't think it is very hard to think that a company may not want their intellectual property associated with the kind of work that people do in this community. All the same, I know it sucks. As for your hard drive... bummer.

  3. Don't let it get you down Mindy, some people are just uptight jerks. Hope you can save the hard drive.

  4. For the hard drive use spinrite. It has saved more than one of my hard drives

  5. Mindy try this website its good for captions and blogspot keep spaming with ads now

  6. My external back up died too, but Iremoved it and put it into another case you can buy and it worked just fine... good luck.. I know the frustration...


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