Monday, September 9, 2013


A new milestone! Today I received my first piece of spam in a comment to a post. Does anybody have any idea how spamming a blog (especially ... um ... this sort of blog) can be an economically viable strategy? I mean, seriously, what's the point?


  1. I got a LOT of spam from Middle Eastern countries on my blogger.

  2. Howdy Mindy :)

    From what I know - I know a lot of things. ALOT! Just kidding - The spam is not directly sent at you or anybody, it's just a freaking spambot trying to reach as many places as possible through searches, probably google mostly and sending viruses or exploits to anywhere it lands if you click on it.

    No need to bother. The more searches you generate, the more likable to be a target for spam. I tried it before to set the comment box free without captcha but it makes it worse, so I just put the old system back a few months ago.

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  3. In this case, the spam was an actual message with a link to ... oh, who knows and who cares. The comment showed up in my email but when I went to see it and mark it as spam, it had already been deleted by the spammer. Which makes the business model of posting the spam that much more inexplicable.


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