Friday, December 20, 2013

See You in the New Year!

Well, that wraps things up for 2013. I'm about ready to leave for my winter vacation, though I'm not sure if this is going to be a restful vacation or the hectic sort of vacation that cries out for a post-vacation vacation. Time will tell.

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season. See you next year!

(Don't look for any new captions until around January 6 or so...)


  1. Thanks for all the great caps this past year!

    I hope the vacation turns out to be a great one, maybe exciting rather than hectic?


  2. love this site sad that i have to wait so long for more captions. enjoy vacation you will surely be missed.

  3. It is vacation so how bad can it be! If it is very hectic and eventful you will have new things to talk (or cap!) about, if it restful you will be full of energy. But try to avoid events labelled "Bimbo" or your blogging might suffer... :)

    Thanks for all the great caps.

  4. Enjoy a great vacation!

  5. I'm always sad when you leave for holidays, for spring break was a pain. Hope to read your captions soon! At least when you come back you can see my blog already finished: It's a way to pay my debt to you too!

  6. With upcoming laws prohibiting 'rape' porn in the UK, even simulated or fantasy rape. Are you worried that this blog. Ah come under that umbrella, since it centres around the fantasy of forced sissification/homosexuality?

  7. I hadn't heard about those new UK laws concerning "rape porn". Do you have a link to a good explanatory article? On one hand, of course I'm worried about anything that could get me in trouble. On the other hand, does the fact that both I and Blogger are based in the US protect me? I suppose that I could provide a "Nobody from the UK is permitted to view this blog" warning. I'm also curious how the law applies to "art". Take for example a movie about a rape. Is that now impermissible? Or is it only "bad" if it shows too much (and what is too much)? All sorts of things to think and worry about.


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