Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Yes! I Created Lots of Captions While on Vacation

Well, I'm back from vacation. The bad news is that I won't be posting a cap tonight and there is a possibility that I won't be able to post one tomorrow night, either. Yeah, I know. Me too.

But the good news that is that the time that I was hoping to have to myself over vacation ... happened! Now, while I didn't spend all of that time creating new captions, I can tell you that I was quite productive. How productive you ask? How productive?

49 new captions! And many of those are multi-part captions. 49.

So, thankfully, my queue is full for a while which takes some pressure off. At least for the next little while, I can relax a bit and work on new captions when the mood strikes me instead of when I feel like I need to produce a new caption.

So, like, yay me!


  1. That's amazing! thanks so much for all the work you do!

  2. 49 captions? Did you have a time machine available to you during vacation?

    Sounds like you had yourself a creative explosion! Can't wait to see the results.

    Welcome back!


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