Sunday, December 28, 2014

Sneaking Into the Fraternity House


  1. Oooh, happy to see another bodyswap caption! A very fun one! I think Brian is starting to slip away in that hot little body, isn't he? I bet Megan will enjoy waking up to that blowjob, though! ;)

  2. It's funny. I really like bodyswap captions, but I have a hard time writing them. Not enough images scream "swap!" to me and trying to get a tone that works (you know me; I need a little snark...) is tricky. But lately, I've been thinking in terms of bodyswap captions more often, so with luck there will be some coming in the early part of 2015. Maybe.

    1. Definitely glad to hear that! You've got some of the best bodyswap captions around! :D I enjoy all your work, though. Great stuff!


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