Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Moving to Tumblr?

Thanks to everyone who offered suggestions about what to do when Blogger shuts down adult-themed blogs. It looks like I'm going to be moving to Tumblr. (Actually, I set up a Tumblr page a few years ago ... and did nothing with it.) I'm not going to delete this blog (at least not yet), partially in hopes that Google will come to their senses (not holding my breath) and change their mind on this idiotic new policy. I'm a creature of habit and I know how to do what I want with Blogger. Learning something new ... well, I'd rather not.

Anyway, go ahead and jump over to my new Tumblr page and say "hi". No captions yet and I plan to change the color of the header. But it's a place to get started, right?



  1. Hey, Sweetie;
    I so agree with you about both the situation and about getting a handle on how another service works! (I'm not very savvy about such things.) I've added your tumbler to my non-blogger links list to help people find you there.



  2. Just a suggestion but with all this Google interference have you thought of using Wordpress.com?? The Feminization Station has already switched and it opens an option for you and other bloggers that Google feels is to risque for them.

  3. Michyle:

    Yes, I thought about using Wordpress but ran into two concerns: First, if I use the free version, apparently I would have very limited storage space for images and would also have limited themes and customization options. Second, if I go for a hosted domain, I would have to sacrifice some anonymity (which, for obvious reasons, I'm not really inclined to do).

  4. Just logged in and found the notice today. Ugh, what a mess. Still plotting what to do.

  5. what is the tumblr name you are under

  6. http://mindyzz00.tumblr.com/

  7. https://ca.news.yahoo.com/google-scraps-plan-block-porn-blogger-155209524--finance.html

    But if ya migrate to Tumblr, I'll follow.

  8. you may not have to move:

    But if you do, i'll be there reading your stuff :)


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