Sunday, March 29, 2015

Butler Makes Some Changes


  1. Firstly, Mindy; Nice use of the pic and Lisa Ann as the domineering Master-ess of the house!
    Secondly: I notice there's something missing from the first line of the second panel. Sort of an opportunity to let the reader 'fill-in-the-blank' about what Jenkins wants to keep?
    I have a feeling that he'll either keep his manhood and get more in the way of 'jobs' performed but the rich 'lesbian' couple, or... he'll keep the job but have to do it in the capacity of a maid after the Master-ess gives him the experimental formula!
    I suppose both, in due course, might make things even more fun!
    Either way, it looks like a piece ripe for some follow-up!!!


  2. The butler did it!

    Wish he would do me--how about a redhead to complete the set?


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