Saturday, November 21, 2015

She Has No Idea that the Earbuds are Programming Her


  1. Still trying to make that hypnobabble work? I got $20 bucks off you last year!
    Best $20 buck I've spent--show Marcia how to suck cock! OH SHIT! OMG!

  2. who's the model in this?

  3. I'm afraid that I don't know who the model is. If anyone knows, feel free to post, but please try to disguise the name somewhat (for example, using @ instead of a or $ instead of S). Posting the name of a model is quick way for these posts to be found in a search which then may lead (as it has in the past) to copyright takedown notices (even though I think that these captions fall under fair use).


  4. I would like to go to the office everyday and hear these tapes!
    Or else would you send them to me?

  5. Don't laugh at the hypnosis out hypnosis to hard. I've been online like 6 years n it's like I've used hypnosis in my past for other reasons. Being TS as I am. No shit. Real life. 38-28-41 B's. I actually thought it may have been the new HRT I'm on. Like use to take premarin. Note I'm on estradiol n spironolactone. It's like it puts ones body in tune with all senses. But Simone turned me onto sissy hypnosis like maybe 4-5 years ago n it's like u can't walk away from those things. B clueless really. But even in conversations it's like it turns decision n after getting off phone at times it's like holy shit I can't believe I told a stranger that lol


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