Monday, July 22, 2013

Sigh ... Yes, They're Still Here

I'm told that my "guests" (what do you become when you've worn out your welcome ... or never had a welcome in the first place?) will be leaving this weekend ... or early next week. Sigh. Or better yet growl.


  1. To bad you dont have anyone there that specializes in forced fem

  2. be the hero of one of your caps;
    tell them that a night equal of one days of "suck and fuck" (with or without drugs or alcool)
    if they think that you r gay, they start to be scared, if not, it's perhaps the best summer of your life which start
    i hope it's was just friends and not family (it's not the same and with family , nothing to do, just for next year, you r not here and rent to a local prison for reinsertion of their prisonners - specially big black cock to scared them)

    i wish very good luck from France
    (and sorry for bad english)
    kiss and relax (it's not the end of the world, but try to turn the situation to your advantage)

  3. In southern cultlre one place a pineapple at the foot of the guest bed to signify that their stay is over (granted I'm talking about 1700-late 1800s, and in the plantations.)

  4. I hope they at least take you out to dinner, or chip in to keep the place tidy.

  5. invite some friends (real one) and make party or just big noise, make that your "guest" couldn't sleep
    very quickly they should leave your home to find a place to sleep well

    it's a possibility (making your place unconfortable for them)

    i wish you good luck

  6. On the plus side, you can use this string of events as a premise for future captions. Hang in there


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