Saturday, July 20, 2013

They're Still Here...

My "guests" are still here ... and now it's looking like one of them might stay for another week or even two. Who do I kill first? My guest or myself? Just kidding. Mostly.


  1. It just sounds like you are being used and they have no respect for you. If you don't them there, stop being a bitch and tell them to get out or at least demand rent money. Use that anger. Do not let your fantasy affect your real life personality, especially as a man.

  2. maybe you can use this as a theme for a future caption set or do it for real

  3. Tell them to start paying Rent and Expense's or Kick them out.
    friends don't use Friends, unless there Family.
    then tell them they gotta go.

  4. Give them a date to get out and u all sign it. Tell them if they are not out by said date. YOu are now calling the cops for trespassing.

  5. I have been considered a gracious host, to a point. I like my privacy. You are much more patient than I. I hope it works out for the best. Take care of number one.


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