Monday, June 2, 2014

Are You Up for a Little Wager

So, would you make that bet?


  1. Light, light, just like an airheaded bimbo!

  2. Well which one is it?

  3. Drink UP! I snatched the mug and chugged it! Wait! We both need to drink BOOM--a huge rack popped out of my chest, knocking the beer out of her hand. OH NO! She sobbed, gave me an evil wink, and started blowing me. I tried not to, but as soon as she pinched my nipples, I exploded in her mouth. She turned into a well hung hunk. He started licking my new clit--I screamed in exxxtasy. Go ahead, BLOW ME. Go FUCK YOUSELF--I screamed--and he did exactly as I commanded!


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