Thursday, December 1, 2011

Clone Troopers

I originally created the following caption:

Then, several days later, I came across some more images in the same series. But for some reason, I was having difficulty putting together a longer caption utilizing all of the images. So I wound up with a second caption that just expanded on the original idea.

Which do you prefer?


  1. They are both good, but the second one is more TG so I like it better even if it is a bit dark. In the first they are just what they were cloned as.

  2. Your captions are always so good! I like the second caption with more detail, but I would have used the first picture-- the one where she is facing front-- next to the picture with Darth and his cocktrooper.

    Excellent work!

  3. I like it, Mindy. The model is pretty hot, and your story is good too!

    My approach might be: a 3 panel with the frontal image of "Janga Fett(?)" introducing herself as the product of Jango's mitochondrial DNA and having his male personality. The image of both explaining 'her' function as Lord Vader's personal 'schtupp-trooper'. And closing with her reflecting that all Darth is packing is a vibe/dildo... or something like that?!
    Sorry, it's a bit more than two cents worth!
    I love your stuff, Mindy!!!

  4. Great. Now I can't stop chuckling about the image of just what Darth Vader is packing under that uniform...


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