Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Formspring Query #2

Hey, wow! Someone asked me a real question on Formspring:
I'm curious about your caption tags. When I think bimbo, I think ditzy or scatterbrained. Yet I notice some of your bimbo captions like the Stare At Me series feature ladies quite with it. So my question is what does bimbo mean for you?
Hmm. Interesting question. I guess that I'm sort of using the term "bimbo" to capture several perhaps otherwise discrete notions. She is, perhaps ditzy and scatterbrained ... but she might still have her wits about her, too. Certainly, though, sex is an near all-encompassing aspect of who she is. There may be an element of the slut to her, but not necessarily that either. In reflection, I'd probably say that I use the tag "bimbo" to suggest a subject who, following her transformation, has a sort of overwhelming need or desire for sex that becomes a central defining element of who she has become.

Does that help?

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