Friday, May 4, 2012

Put in the Chicken

So this is one of those rare captions where I thought of the idea and then had to find a picture to match. Don't be surprised if I revisit this again should I find a picture that I like better. Also, while I'm really fond of the caption itself, I'm still not thrilled with how the balloons look. I tried all sorts of things to get it to look right but I'm just not satisfied. But, after the tease I gave about this caption a few weeks ago, it just didn't seem fair not to post it.



  1. Nicely thought out chicken to cock
    love it
    would be a dream come true to be changed into such a beautiful and sexy bimbo

  2. Well, even the most cunning linguist might find themselves suffering from 'lust-dexia' while acclimating to such a hot environment!!!

    As for the bubbles, maybe ovals would be more fitting, or just reduce the opacity, (of the magenta at least), so they're 'muted' and less dominant next to the picture. Just a thought, hon.

    I love it anyhow!
    Peace,Love&Kisses; Elle

  3. i thought it was done good hun, nice cap.

  4. Elle: I usually use ovals and that's how I tried this caption to start. However, I was having real problems with the negative space and getting the story to feel like it flowed from balloon to balloon.


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