Sunday, July 22, 2012

Formspring Question #2

Hey, I got another question on Formspring! (Well, actually, I've received several over recent months but almost all of them have been non-question questions (in other words, the questions didn't actually ask anything and several were, frankly, wholly unintelligible).

Anyway, here is the question that I received from someone (anonymously, apparently):
what is ur favorite type of caption
An interesting question. I've actually started (and stopped and started again and stopped...) writing a post about my likes and dislikes. I may return to that at some point. But to the direct question, I'd have to say that the first thing that my favorite captions require is a good image. The woman has to be beautiful (or at least really sexy). Believe it or not, I'd rather see her partially dressed in sexy clothes than totally nude (but it depends on the story, I guess). As for the story itself, I tend to prefer non-consensual transformations where the transformed woman becomes a bimbo or a slut. I don't really care whether it's magic or science responsible for the change. But I want the change to result in pleasure, not pain. Usually.

Hope that answers.


  1. Are you a transgengered woman like Annabelle
    Raven, and have you ever attempted to write a long TG Series or even a TG Comic such as Jenny
    North's Foreign Bodies, or a comic strip like
    Julia James? I mention these suggestions because you seem to be a very talented person, and in the 1960s Transgender Comics really existed, such as Boys Will Be Girls.

  2. I hope you don't mind, but I'm not going to answer parts of that question. One of the rules that I set for myself when I started this blog was to avoid discussing much about myself.

    As to whether I've tried to write any long form fiction, the answer is absolutely. I've got a folder on my hard drive littered with stories that I've started. Some have progressed a decent way into their plots; others are more like introductions. I tend to get lots of ideas for longer stories but I tend to bog down in the writing process.

    But the captioning has given me renewed confidence that maybe I can do something more involved and so I've been (slowly) working on a few things. Who knows, one of these days there may be something here besides just a caption. I hope so.


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