Thursday, July 26, 2012

Formspring Question #3

Woohoo! Another new question on Formspring (from "someone"):
What was your inspiration for the odd transformations in the Babemaker series? And are you planning on doing more anytime soon?
Great question! I'd have to say that my inspiration for the Babemaker series was simply the images themselves. Most of the images that I've used for Babemaker captions (or put in my Babemaker folder to be used for captions) have been really over-the-top or outlandish in some way. And I just started wondering what the story could be behind some of those pictures ... and then exaggerating whatever I thought of. And then I thought about some sort of unifying background for those images. Quickly the mad scientist came to mind and from there I just ran with the idea of a scientist doing all sorts of experiments that tended to have unforeseen (I was going to say tragic, but nah) consequences. Perhaps tragic for the victims but not the viewer.

I've got a lot of additional images from which I plan to create Babemaker captions, but I have to be in the ... um ... right frame of mind to get the right degree of evil and depravity and snark necessary. But don't worry, there will definitely be more Babemaker captions!

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  1. Cool. Didn't expect that quick a turnaround on my question. I'm glad for the insight and can't wait for your mind to wander down that road again.


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